Thursday, 19 October 2017

I Will Die,''If I Do Not Leave Now': Model Shares Chilling Story of Bloody Beating by Jonathan Koppenhaver — aka 'War Machine '

The woman who suffered a horrific beating at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, the former MMA star known as "War Machine," is talking about the near-deadly nightmare that left her viciously battered and bloody and bloody.
“I was in extreme, excruciating physical pain,” Christy Mack, 26, told Inside Edition about the 2014 incident when her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jonathan Koppenhaver — aka War Machine — beat her.
when War Machine came to her Las Vegas house unannounced one night and became enraged when he found her in bed with another man, businessman Corey Thomas.
“He came in and jumped on top of me and started beating me in the face,” Thomas recalled. “I'm down on all fours, he's trying to choke me. I’m bleeding from my face, I can't see.”
“While he was beating my friend, I made a 911 call,” she said.
Then, the pro fighter then turned his attention to Mack, and unleashed two hours of merciless terror on her.
“This was a whole new level I had never experienced," she said. "He punched my teeth out, he broke my nose, my complete eye socket was fractured,” she said. “I could hear him going through the drawers downstairs and finding knives. I knew this was my chance, this was my only chance. If I do not leave now, I will die.”
She ran out of the back door of the house and hopped the fence. Naked and covered in blood, she went door-to-door until someone around the block answered and called for help.
“I need police or medical. There is a lady in front of my door beaten up," the neighbor told a 911 dispatcher. "I don't know who beat her up."
After a two-week trial in March 2017, during which Mack tearfully relived the ordeal, her ex was convicted of beating and sexually assaulting her, as well as beating Corey Thomas.
He was sentenced to 36-years to life.
“I do feel quite a bit safer with him being away for that amount of time,” she admitted.
Mack says she is recovering well, and is now devoting herself to helping other victims of domestic and dating violence.
“I do feel that justice has been served and I hope that so many more people can [also],” Mack said.