Friday, 20 October 2017

My past susccess makes me an easy target;Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho hit back at criticism over Manchester United's style by claiming his past successes mean he works on a different level to rival managers.
The Portuguese defended himself after coming under fire for his tactics in a 0-0 draw at Liverpool.
Mourinho — who insisted he has 'no idea' when Paul Pogba will return from a hamstring injury —believes other bosses are afforded an easier ride.
'I think it (the criticism) is my fault, because people are used to my teams getting good results and winning titles,' Mourinho said.
'Other people have more time than I have. Other people have different standards than I have and that's not a problem for me at all.
'We are going to lose matches, that's obvious, and I can imagine we are going to have even more criticism than we have now.
'I would like to know when United last won two consecutive Champions League matches away (2012). I would like to know the last time United won nine points from three matches in the Champions League (2012). We are doing OK.'
Mourinho also claimed United lacked firepower, even though only Manchester City have scored more Premier League goals so far.
'If a team defends badly, concedes five goals but attacks well and scores six, then that's beautiful and amazing,' he said. 'I know my team cannot score four, five or six every match.
'I know that, especially with a certain profile of matches, it is difficult for us to score a lot of goals. We have to try to find balances.'
Marcus Rashford is fit for Saturday's game at Huddersfield after limping out of the 1-0 win at Benfica with a knee issue. Mourinho also confirmed Zlatan Ibrahimovic should make his long-awaited return in December.
But he remains unsure about when Pogba, who is still in Florida recovering from a hamstring problem, will be fit again. 'I have no idea,' he said. 'I'm in control of the players who are available. There are managers all over the world that prefer to speak about injuries and find excuses. Our philosophy is not to moan, not to cry. I moan and cry about other things.'