Thursday, 9 November 2017

Arsenal: Mesut Ozil actually said one really disturbing thing

Mesut Ozil is only getting tenser, and in his recent statements, there is actually something pretty disturbing that emerged.
Arsenal are a ticking time bomb, and there doesn’t look to be any sort of James Bond that is going to walk in and stop the ticking. I’m not sure I would want it to stop ticking anyway though, seeing as how a bit of a bust-up to knock this club out of their sickening tower of complacency is the best way forward.
Mesut Ozil is going to be a part of that bust-up. Or at least, it’s looking more and more like he will be, seeing as how he can’t stay consistent in the first team, he obviously wants more money and potentially a new shirt and he can’t keep the supporters on his side either.
And the recent rumors tying him to Manchester United don’t help. I know we all don’t believe this could happen, but Ozil and Jose Mourinho are tight. That said, I don’t worry about it, because I don’t think United can support him any better than we did.
Still, Ozil has spoken out about the rumors. While this is something I always respect from a guy – a willingness to address what’s on everyone’s minds – I  was less than impressed with the German’s statements.
He gave the typical “I’m happy here but don’t know what the future holds” sound byte that everyone gives. It means absolutely nothing, in case you can’t tell. That’s not the statement that I am talking about though.
Ozil went on to say “I generally don’t assess my own games,” while talking about how he doesn’t listen to criticism and that Arsene Wenger’s opinion is the only that matters.

This is where I find a disturbance. I don’t care that he doesn’t listen to every criticism in the world, that would be a horrible idea, but to say that he doesn’t assess his own games and that Wenger’s opinion is all that matters?
That’s a can of worms right there. And I’m kind of having trouble wrapping my head around this. So if he has a bad match, he doesn’t ponder what he could have done better, he just moves on unless Wenger says something? That’s what I’m taking from it and I hope to God that I’m wrong.
Shouldn’t every player assess their own performances? Shouldn’t they register if they’ve done poorly and perhaps want to fix it without having been told to do so?
Not just that, but Wenger is looking after twenty other often half-arsed players. He may have been doing this for two decades, but do you really reckon that he is the only person that can offer sound advice?
Somebody tell me I’m overreacting. I want to be wrong. I just don’t see how else to interpret this bit.